This post will be discussing the plot of the story so far and a few predictions for the plot. In the beginning of the story, you are introduced to the protagonist, the kid. He is an unnamed traveler from Tennessee, who ran away from home at age 14, only to end up in the untamed western frontier. The kid now wanders from town to town looking for work and shelter. He comes across many grizzly encounters in this virtually lawless land. One notable on was when he was involved in a knife fight with a grown man, and bystanders only watched as the man nearly killed the kid. This attitude is prevalent throughout the Texas-Mexico border where the bulk of the story takes place. Soon the kid ends up with a group of vigilante soldiers who kill Indians. Now we reach the heart of the story. The main focus of this book is the American and Indian battles on the frontier. McCarthy goes into gory detail to describe the horrors committed on both sides of the fight, but the biggest trait that McCarthy adds to this old tale is that he doesnt victimize the Indians. McCarthy goes the other way in fact, and he demonizes them. He depicts the Indians as wild savages whose only purpose is to eradicate the white man and take home his scalp. Now this is an interesting way of doing things. Obviously the purpose of this book is to give the reader an idea of what it would be like to live in this time, and perhaps something more, but McCarthy also wants you to feel it. He makes a point of showing the attitudes and views of the typical white frontiersman dealing with the problems of that day, such as not being killed by Indians. Because of this style, it makes the plot feel more real. As opposed to accounts of the time period, it is a glimpse into the way of life of those men we call the frontiersman.


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