Personal Response

So far this book has not been what I expected. First off, I would like to note the surprising infrequency that the main character, the kid, appears in the story anymore. What once started out as his story has become the intricate tale of the men in the band of Indian hunters. The story no longer focuses on the kid, and instead addresses issues concerning all of the men in the band. I found this to be very interesting. It almost made the kid and the first part of the novel feel like a simple introduction to the rest of the story. The kid was just an interesting and convenient way to end up on the Indian hunters.

The Indian hunters are a strange group, and an interesting comment on the men in that time period. These men are essentially thug for hire who go out and kill Indians, scalp the bodies, and return those scalps for money. It is perhaps one of the most brutal industries of the time period, and perhaps American history. It’s not often that a similar business comes up in our history. The interesting thing about these men though, is that they don’t just symbolize greed. Each of them who have so far been introduced brings a new quality to the table. Th judge is a stoic and spiritual man, while Glanton is a cold, hard fighter, and in it more for the killing and less for the money.

This book also surprised me by how slow it moves. I expected some slower parts when I chose it, but most of the book is description and unimportant dialogue. This gives me time to think about what happened and it also gives me very little to deal with at a time. Surprisingly enough, this makes the book a little more difficult to read. I can’t help but keep thinking that a very important or gripping part is just around the corner the entire time. The funny thing is though, that part rarely comes. McCarthy spends a lot of time developing the scenery and the characters, and I think this links back to what I said in a previous post-it’s not what happens, it’s how it happens. McCarthy goes into great detail, just to describe the desert around the characters. This style makes the story a very different one than what I am used to reading, and it’s also what makes this book a great one.


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